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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day One of the SITS contest!! Favorite Halloween Memory

My favorite Halloween memory is my last time I "trick or treated", which happens to have been my Senior year in high school! Me and a group of about 15 other seniors went around the rich neighborhood together. Responses to our childishness ranged from quizzical to hesitant to hilarity!

One of my friends was about 4' 11" and dressed up in a child's lion costume, complete with face paint. I was a girl scout (last minute costume). I was walking with my lion friend (and I am only about 2 inches taller than she) and at one of the houses a woman said, "It's so nice to see the older kids take the little ones out." It was quite hilarious, especially since she was older than some of our group.

Some of the houses were more like mansions and gave out king sized candy bars and cans of soda. One house offered us beer, but being the "smart kids" of our school, we tended to follow the laws and declined the tempting beer.

That Halloween still tops the charts as my favorite because it was the last Halloween of my school career, the last one with all of my friends in attendance. There is a picture of us that night that one of my friends posted on Facebook, but my computer is not currently recognizing cookies and I can't upload the picture to my blog :( sorry!

This entry has been inspired by an extreme giveaway being hosted by the SITS girls, where they are giving away a Canon camera, which is the expensive kind and would really be sublime to win. The next two days will be postings for this contest as well!

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kaybee said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I remember trick or treating my senior year as well, but I don't remember being offered beer by anyone.

Stopping by from SITS.