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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Outcome...

It seems that when I pay attention to the signs and feelings that come to me, things start to make sense again. Thank you for all of the helpful energy toward the giveaway, as I ended up winning it! How strange that the only giveaway I enter for this October was the one I won? To top off strange things, I also one a pendant last year that I wanted much in the same way that I want this one. That same feeling of expectation came with it, almost knowing that it would be mine.

I have been reading Judika Illes's Pure Magic, a wonderful book about spell casting. It has been a great refresher and basic course for me. I enjoy the way it covers many ways of creating magic and her theories on such matters as well. I had read something of her words that stuck with me and that was the sighting of Ravens being a good sign. I have been seeing Ravens everywhere I go, and not in a natural sense, they have been blocking the road and staring at me when I am alone in my car. What is this supposed to mean? I have even happened upon one in mid flight carrying food in its beak and one over a pile of carrion. Maybe I am just noticing them more than usual because I have been alerted of them? Kind of like when you get a new car and that seems to be the only other car on the road because you are tuned into it? What ever the case, I really feel that when I pay attention to possible signs that they are there and more full of meaning had I just stumbled upon them out of the blue.

I have collected the twigs for my besom, but I have not had the motivation to begin the task. Is this yet another sign or merely an effect of my severe laziness? I just feel that I can never gather the right materials for the job. I try to gather all from nature; my bristles are never pliable and I can never find a string-like substance and last year I used blue cotton yarn to bind the thing! This year I was going for a step up from last year's mass of broken twigs all over my bedroom floor (which the cats love to eat, so this doesn't help the crumbling factor). Does anyone have any sage wisdom on besom making? 

Trying to regularly write in a blog is a feat when you have young children and an attractive husband, as when the children are up, well they are a bit crazy and writing gets interrupted but when they are asleep my concentration is shortly fixed upong the screen, I would rather eat dessert and go to bed for more! As  I write this my nose is telling me that my efforts in baking beans might just pay off.

Thank you to Mrs. B for hosting the giveaways this October, and thank you also to Lytha Studios for being so generous as to give me a beautiful pendant!

Warm Blessings!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

was so happy to see you win the pendant you wanted so much... you have much more than you realize Iris...

Anonymous said...

Thats so great you won!! Im so happy for you. as for somthing from nature to bind somthing try to find grape vines or anything that grows on a vine or a sapling, you can peel the wood away to make rope. Good Luck

Sus said...

Congrats! Mrs Bs 31 Days is so much fun!!!!

LythaStudios said...

Iris - I just now stumbled across your posts about the give-away. I'm thrilled that you won, given how much you were drawn to the piece. I hope it is what you hoped for and wanted.

-- Erin from Lytha Studios