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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Intro to my awakening...

About two weeks or so ago, I decided to take a new path. I was reading a book, Sign of Seven Trilogy by Nora Roberts, that gave me an itch. A week after I had finished the third book I had to read up on everything Pagan related I could find on the web. It was like The Goddess was calling to me. She sent me a message (probably not the first). I knew it was a sign because in my research I found that there was to be a Pagan Pride Day one day from then! It was only about 30 minutes away too. I knew we had to go. I asked my husband (let's call him Stag), a raised Christian, if he wanted to go. He sounded less than exuberant. Much less. At this point he had no idea about witches and the sort. He had only heard bad from the church and little about it from me. He later divulged that his fear was they would spot him and say, "What is that Christian doing here? Get Him!" He couldn't have been further from the truth.

On our way to the festival (Pagan Pride Day) we turned off on our exit and he was so surprised that there was actually a sign pointing the way with EMPPD (Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day) printed on it. I guess he thought it was a group of weirdos who called themselves witches getting together to dance or something. A witches picnic maybe. When we got to the park we had to drive a few miles down a dirt road to the parking center of this forest park. Even I was getting nervous at this point. What was I top expect? I had never been to something like this before. What if we were the only ones who showed up? What if people looked at us and did tell us to get out? That was just my nerves talking. On the inside I knew that these people would be peaceful and nice.

We certainly did stick out though. I think we were the only ones not dressed in a medieval-type get-up or in black. Which surprised me. I thought black and witches was just fiction, just to sound dramatic. I had brought my two children along as well and Stag was wearing Frog (as we will call my 6 month old son) in our bright blue Moby wrap. Bear (what we will call my two year old daughter) was dancing to the rhythms being beat out on a drum. I had a great day walking around and visiting with the Pagan community. Many vendors and very nice handmade wares being sold. I did not get around to going to all of the speakers I had planned on. But it was a good intro into what Pagan life is all about. Everyone there was super nice to us. We did get a few looks at first but I was good at talking the talk, enough to assuage any doubts that we belonged.

I had much more to research when I got home. I had already been searching WitchVox for a coven to possibly join. I felt that it would be easier to learn the craft in a group setting, from mentors. The first one I connected with was actually one of my husband's old clients! He was also at the PPD, running the children's table. Unfortunately they were half-way through a "school-year" for their apprentices, so a no-go there. I searched more in-depth than before and found a few nice sounding covens. One in particular caught my attention. It was a Moon Goddess Coven for women only. This had some appeal to me since I seem to have a difficult time trusting men in superior positions. Like doctors and policemen, I feel like that is way too much authority over someone's life for just any old Joe on the street to have (yes, I know doctors go to school for a very long time and it takes work to do either profession, but it doesn't mean they are nice and ethical). So this women's coven really appeals to me.

I am not yet even in the coven, I still have to go to a "Potions" meeting, which sounds like it came straight from Harry Potter, but it is just a fun name for a meet and greet, I hope. I have like 12 books on my reading list from them, I am most of the way through book #2, but it is dry reading. Spiral Dance by Starhawk, I know it is a witchy classic for most but it is just not my style for reading. I liked Scott Cunningham's Wicca: A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner, I was able to read it in a day. I keep referring to it though. I need to actually purchase these books instead of borrowing them from the wondrous library. Ah, but the funds are lacking! Soon! Soon, I hope.

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