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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perceptions Shifting

Lately all of my extra energy and time have been going into getting ready for my first ritual. The full moon is tonight. The first full moon since I have started studying Wicca. Many things have happened to me since.

First of all my perception had shifted slightly. I am looking at things with new eyes. Last Sunday, for instance, I went on a nature walk with my dog. No kids or much responsibility. I went looking for possible materials for my upcoming ritual. In particular, a wand, broom materials, special rocks, leaves, acorns, pine cones and birch. It had been raining that day, so the trees were dripping large drops of water on our heads as we hiked the hill. I avoided the path so I could focus more clearly on nature and its gifts. Penny was pulling me through the underbrush and my empty canvas bag was bobbing at my side, waiting to be filled.

I started to gather anything that I felt that I should and kept my eye out for sturdy sticks for wand and broom. When we got to the top of the hill I let Penny off from her leash, she ran in tights circles around me in the wet grass. She followed me, in circles, as I found a nice tree with many fallen branches around its roots. As I gathered what I hoped would make good broom bristles I looked up at the top of the tree and silently thanked the Goddess for her gift. Just then a raven (I think) flew up into the tree. I quietly asked it for a feather as my air sign, it crowed at me. Another flew into the tree with it and crowed at me as well. I said thank you anyway and they flew off. At the time I had no understanding of Ravens or anything but it struck me as odd. Later I looked it up and found that sometimes the Goddess takes form as a Raven. On my way out of the forest I found a large stick, perfect walking stick. Very sturdy and healthy, perfect. All and all it was a great day to connect with the Goddess.

It is a week later already and I am learning more everyday. I plan on going back their today and dedicating myself to The Goddess and The God. Going back to that tree, where I felt the most connection. I will also keep my eye out for something I could make a pentagram with. Maybe a round stone or wood. We will see. This time I will not take the dog, so I may concentrate more on the nature around me. Then tonight I will be honoring the full moon with my first ritual. I have been preparing for to weeks now and I think I am almost ready. I need to review the order of events and look over some of the wording. My husband dragged a large slab of granite (which he found months earlier buried under our yard) to the middle of our yard, facing north. This is what I shall use as my altar, for tonight and other full moons I think. I should also make an altar in my home that I may honor everyday, rain or shine.

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