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Sunday, October 4, 2009

My First Esbat!

I have just finished my first ritual! It was fun to do. I actually memorized some chants and hit every point I should, in the correct order. I cheated a little. There was a trusty outline at my side. I did actually feel the power. My hands feel untamed, it is difficult to type.

Nothing "amazing" happened, but I did feel energy and that is a first for me. The simple feast was yummy. I made a pumpkin bread with nuts and raisins and apple cider. As I did the ritual outside, I was able to toss bread and cider around my circle in honor of the Goddess and God.

Although nothing interesting happened, my energy is way up. I feel completely awake and energetic. Positively glowing. Maybe I did not earth the power right. I am so excited to be awakened to The Goddess and God. I eagerly await the next day for more learning and experiencing things in a new way.

I must cut this one short. My hands are driving me crazy!

Blessed be!

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