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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have sort of put Spiral Dance aside. I have instead picked up Christopher Penczak's Inner Temple of Wichcraft, which I love! You are supposed to treat it like a year and a day course and read and practice the exercises as long. Unfortunately it is a library book and I am unable to buy it right now. So I am going to have to make a note of the exercises and plow through it, trying to absorb it as well as I can in three weeks.

On Sunday I posted an add on Freecycle (an online community where people post things "Offered" and "Wanted" for others to pick up for free, instead of tossing it) for a deck of tarot cards. I have this fascination with them right now. Someone actually replied, "What do you want them for? Are you thirteen?" I guess they have lost touch with their inner child, sheesh! Another lady replied with a "Fortune telling kit" I drove out to get it and it is something for thirteen year olds. Oh well, it is probably goof not to get a used deck. I will have to wait until I have an extra $20. Just in case any one feels "gifty" I would like the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. It is said to have better colors but the best time-tested illustrations and details.

I have been working on meditation and visualization tonight. I am good at visualization, with direction. Without my mind jumps everywhere. I have a great imagination, no stamina, I guess you could say. I worked on it in the tub tonight with candles. It is much easier in there without the bother of other lights and sounds from the world. I do wish my tub was a bit bigger to make it comfy but in time this will come. I like working with the affirmations. I like the idea of making things happen and change by reprogramming my subconscious. This is what I love about Witchcraft, they admit it is all on the mind. That the power lies within. They don't, for a moment, think that they can fly and make things fly with a flick of their wands. They admit that the tools are merely props for the mind to focus on. I love this.

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