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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Further Meditation Progress

I was meditating on Friday in the bath tub, it is where I can get the most peace and comfort. I am doing much better with it each day. I surround myself with tealights and put aromatic oil and salt in the water and settle in. As I am meditating I do some exercises from the book I am reading "The Inner Temple of Witchcraft," which really is more about meditation than witchcraft. I then do some affirmations, telling myself what I desire is already true, a way of reprogramming my brain. For example, I was sick the other day and I sat in the tub and repeated 33 times (multiples of threes are supposed to help), "I am perfectly healthy". It really did work, I was completely better by the next morning. Typically I would just be getting over it now, four days later. So I really like these affirmations. I suggest you trying them too.

Another thing I am working on during my meditations is finding and meeting my spirit guide, which I believe I have. Last meditation I found myself in a field of lupine, presumably on the Maine coast. I tried to notice if there was someone near me. I turned around and found a man with dark hair smiling creepily at me. I was unsure if I was making this image up or if it was a real spirit. I tried to change the image to a woman, instead it turned into an uglier older man with a grotesque face. I have no idea if this is an actual spirit wreaking havoc in my life, or if I merely am seeing my fears personified.  I am going to meditate again tonight and see what I find.

I am still quite obsessed with finding the perfect tarot card deck for me. literally finding it, seeming I haven't the funds still to purchase such a non-essential item. If anyone is interested in gifting me a deck please email me! I have never turned down a gift or a donation!

Someday I am going to have a whole room devoted to this passion of mine. I will buy all of the books, cards and tools that I wish. I will have an herb garden and cabinet, filled with oils and herbs. Candles will be a staple item in my home. Goddess and God symbols will run rampant in this "study". I will have a large round carpet in the center of the room, open with an altar in its center, reserved for circle casting. It feels nice to dream.

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Jessica said...

If I'm ever going through a depressive period and having the usual incredibly vivid dreams which accompany it, I always see a dark-haired man to my side and slightly behind me. He's not creepy, though. He's sweet and seems to age alongside me. Meghan thought he might be a twin who died in the womb. Weird, huh? I wish I could ask my mom if she knew anything about that.