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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I want to feel more witchy...

I am so flattered that I have a couple of followers! Thank you for taking your time to read about my magickal follies! I have been trying (without much success) to make a button for this blog. I know how to do it, but this outdated operating system is not letting me do much. I am sorry for those who requested a button. Hopefully when our personal financial situation perks up, so will this blog!

I love how people feel when they make something themselves. A woman was speaking to me about a sewing project of hers today. She admits she is not much of a "do-it-your-self-er" but had no other choice when her children are crazy about "Uglydolls" which cost about $50 each. That would run her $100 for two for Christmas. She is stealthily making some (as they are simple and made of felt) in the cover of night. She was so excited about them. It made me think of how fun it is to make something yourself instead of buying it. Last holiday season I made all of my presents I was giving to others. We were quite poor last year as well so I bought a few skeins of yarn and everyone got a scarf and some pot holders. It made me feel so nice to give them something that I made.

This is another reason why I love being witchy. Anytime I am bored and want to feel a little crafty I know that there are a few things that I can make for my altar. I have made some pretty neat things already, nothing is store bought. Now my altar looks spiffy. I want to do some more witchy crafts, any ideas?

I would really like some witchy jewelry, is there any way I can make some myself? Or find some for free (less likely)? If you have any suggestions please, I am ALL ears!!

I really must get back to meditating and actively living a witchy lifestyle. Do you meditate? I am alright at it but haven't much patience. I feel as if I get too bored after sitting alone in the dim light, trying to connect with the divine. I feel a slight connection and call it good. If any one has any good tips on connecting with the divine or meditation in general, again, all ears!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

your ugly pets remind me of my Naughty Naughty Pet, my grandson gave me when he pulled it out of a crane machine.. I simply love it and it sits in my special room... As for jewelry... tell you what dear.. give me your address via my email and I will send you a few witchy things.... my treat... I love sharing... and in regards to making things for christmas.. I am doing it all the way this year.... it has been so much fun.... And lastly meditating... takes practice... but can be so cleansing to the soul. clears the head and mind and allows things to enter.... a tip... find what works best for you.. not necessarily what someone says you "should" do.... take care Amanda

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I do not think I actually am "meditating" yet, but I do practice quieting my mind and deep breathing. It feels wonderful to just have a few quiet moments to yourself when the wrold is so full of noise. I am going to have my boys join me soon.

As for witchy items, I really have none. I think we started our journey about the same time and it takes time to gather things I think.

I found the cutes pendulum to make by checking out domestic witch today. She has a link to the site with directions. I think you would love it!!

Zedral Z said...

I consider bread making a good time to meditate. The process of kneading the dough is very soothing and gives your mind a chance to relax. You can also use that time to put your intent into the food. I don't normally sit and meditate, but I do meditate or chant while cooking.

As for witchy items (besides food!) I like to make little figures out of polymer clay. It's easy to work with and hardens in your oven. It doesn't produce a nasty smell either, unless you burn it.