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Thursday, November 5, 2009

So That is Why They Call It "The Craft"

It is interesting. After our Samhain ritual some of the women were talking about their astrological signs and that made me think about mine. I was telling my husband that I really didn't think that it was right, but then he started pointing out instances when it was. I am a Virgo, the perfectionist, or so I read.  I have never seen myself as a perfectionist. My house is messy and I always procrastinate. Then I thought about it, my house is messy because I know if I clean it I have to clean EVERYTHING. It takes hours and I feel as if I have failed if it is not all done just right. I think I procrastinate because I get anxious about projects and how much work needs to go into them to make them just right. Now when I look at it I see that I am a perfectionist that is scared to try because things might not turn out just right. I also think my anxiety with always being 15 minutes early falls under this category as well. Maybe when the money is more on my side I will get a professional reading done and learn more about myself.

I thought I would share that little tidbit, a new look inside my head I guess. I also made a pentacle for my altar at home. It is makeshift, like my other tools, made out of cardboard and string. I made a cardboard ring and wrapped green embroidery thread around it and then braided a few more pieces of the thread together and laced them around the ring to make the five-pointed star. It actually looks nice. Nothing fancy, but what is lately? I also started using a large piece of "remnant" fabric, that I have had for a while, as my altar cloth. It is sage green, looks much nicer and more altar-ish. I painted a picture I intended on using as cover art in a black binder but the paper is a tad too big so I have it on my altar as well. Now I just need to learn how to rig up a makeshift frame! As you can see, I am quite crafty when I want to be. I think that I suddenly got all of these ideas so that I will be at my altar more, have more rituals, or at least meditate more. I even found some old candles (from college) hidden away in a box. It is funny how some things tend to find you just at the right time.

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