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Friday, December 11, 2009

Blessed Yule Season!

What a wonderful Yule season I am having! Many of you may have noticed, I won the pendant from the giveaway I posted about yesterday! I am so excited about it. It will be my first piece of witchy jewelry. I am taking it as a gift from the Goddess that I should have won that particular piece. Goodness knows I have entered a bunch of giveaways since October and hadn't won anything. Something told me that this piece would be mine. Even when I previewed it before it was up for grabs, I saw and knew it was special. I am still just so overcome with joy for the piece. Thank you all for you well wishes and energy you may have sent to help me get this wonderful pendant!

Speaking of good luck, my day has been an interesting one. I was on my way into town with both of my children in the back while I was speaking to my husband (via blue tooth ear piece). I stopped in a long line of traffic, not suddenly either. I had been stopped for at least two seconds when I got slammed from behind! It freaked me right out! I was still on the ear piece with my husband, so he was a little freaked as well. I jumped out of my car to check on the damage, before the other driver had a chance to drive away. She was an elderly woman who looked quite startled and confused. I checked out my back end and her front end. Miraculously, there was no damage! I waved her on to tell her all was well. As it was about 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) out I ran to get back into my warm car, where the keys still rested in the ignition. I tried the handle with my mittened hands, once, twice and even a third time. Nothing. I was locked out of my car in freezing cold weather (and high winds) with my happy children on the inside. I was glad that I still had my husband on the line and told him to drive home and get the spare key. He was already half-way to work and running late, but I was freezing in my fall jacket (time for the winter one wouldn't you think?). He had to let me go and call his boss to tell him that he'd be late. As soon as he hung up a police car pulled up behind me. A very nice female cop called the fire station and sent someone to help me. She waited behind me until they came. The whole fire truck came with its lights and sirens blaring, stopping all traffic to unlock my car for me! It happened in less than a minute and I was ready to go. I called my husband and let him know I was fine and he should go to work. He was almost home by this time, drat! But he was relieved that we were alright.

My husband made a comment like, "Wow, it really just hasn't been your day has it?"
To which I answered, "Actually that all could have gone a lot worse. The woman could have hit us harder or slightly off-centered and someone could have been hurt and our car would have been damaged. I was wearing my mittens and had my ear piece on as I locked myself out of the car and the cop was only a few cars back. I didn't have to wait out in the freezing cold until you got there (who knows how much later). The kids had fun with all of the hub-bub and weren't scared at all. The cop was nice and didn't make fun of me (which has happened before). All things considered I think that the Goddess was really watching out for me." All to which he agreed wholeheartedly!

Other little things have been happening all week. Yes, things go wrong, but look at how they also have gone well. It is all a matter of perception, point of view. One could choose to look at things pessimistically and wonder why all of these bad things befall them everyday (I know I have said that before). One could also look at the same situation with bright eyes and be thankful that things did not go worse, thankful for all of the things that went well. There are many blessings in our lives, a few are big and many are small ones that go unnoticed everyday. There is a lesson in every failure. Once you learn from that failure you may move on and move up from where you were. I have found this to be true many times in my life.

I know that there will be many more exciting giveaways on Wicca Mom's site, but this one meant the most to me. I will not be entering in any more, happily leaving more chance for other lucky winners! If you haven't been there yet, please visit the site daily to check out there giveaways this month. Not to mention read their blog, that touches my emotions daily.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Congrats on winning the pendant. It's gorgeous! Plus you have a good, positive attitude to life. There's nothing more important than that!

Lyon said...

Wow you really did have quite a morning didn't you! lol I'm glad things went as well as they could though and that everyone ended up alright.

Congrats on the pendant!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Love your new pendant. Congrats on the win.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

You've been tagged. Check out my blog www.sandersmemoirs.blogspot.com to see what to do.

Rue said...

I am very happy that you and your children were not injured in this "bump!" You are right - things could have gone so much worse - you really were being looked after!

Dirgesinger said...

Hello dear! I tageed You to have some Yule fun!


Bridgett said...

I just adore you! What a wonderful attitude you have. I confess, I'd probably be freaking out in that same situation. :)

And congratulations on winning that beautiful pendant. I'm a firm believer that the jewelry we collect was meant for us. And that piece was obviously meant for you.