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Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Trip to the Witchy Shop

What a busy weekend I have had! I just made 2 of 9 presents tonight. I am making Lavender rice packs for my family and friends this year. I had some remnants hanging around the house that were just begging to get used. I also went to my local witchy store and purchased some lovely Lavender oil. It was a fun trip, let me tell you a little about it.

It was my first trip to a witchy store since I have been practicing. I packed up my whole little family and drove them way out into the woods to a place called Aquarius Sanctuary. It was amongst houses but it did have a sign telling us what it was. We parked in between snow banks and lugged our kiddos right into the building. We startled a man sitting at a desk as we walked in. As I looked around I saw couches and chairs, a large desk and a kitchen. I told him why I had come and he laughed. He said something about how this is where they hold the classes that they sell at the store and that the store was a few miles down the road. He gave us his card and a schedule of classes. I made a remark about maybe being meant to see this place for a special reason, and he conferred.

My husband, being Christian based (I say this lightly), gets a little nervous and excited to go into places like this. He is getting to like them though. After we walked out of the classroom building, he remarked about the artwork on the walls having many angels and some did not. He talked about liking the art a lot and liking the man's attitude about being meant to find him.

When we reached the little strip mall (still out in the boondocks) where the actual shop was located, my daughter was squealing with delight! She just loves to go shopping and exploring. As we walked in, we were enveloped in patchouli and sage. There were many shelves of books and art work. There was a whole wall of essential oils and shawls. I looked around, finding a few different brands of Lavender oil. I quietly asked the assistance of the clerk who was a thirty something woman with dark curly locks. She had very open eyes with a calmness I could sense. I knew I could tell her exactly why I wanted the oil. I mentioned making all of my gifts and them being rice packs. I also mentioned that one of the gifts was to be a Yule gift for someone in my coven. She was more than helpful and insightful as to what I should use. She also suggested a few things I could add to the particular Yule gift that would make it balanced. We spoke for at least five or so minutes. I really enjoyed her company.

Meanwhile my husband and children were exploring the shop, quite happily, may I add! Stag had so much to talk about, things he liked and things he wondered about. My daughter must have said "what's this?" forty times! All and all I had a wonderful time and will definitely go back again.

I have been having a blast making these gifts today. It is so easy and so nice to be able to do something for someone that is not expensive. Something that will make them feel special.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a fun family day! And you're right, hand-made gifts are always more special because they're imbued with the time, care, love and skill of the maker.

Sobeit said...

I envy you having somewhere to shop - a real bricks and mortor store. Also that your husband is being very opened minded. Sounds like you had a very good day and have made contacts in the community. Let us know if you take any of the claseses.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

sounds like you found a couple little gold mines... I am eager to know if you take any of the classes which are offered at the classroom you so convienently fell upon.... And the store sounds nice... You know I cant help but think what an opportunity you have to teach your daughter so many things... Learning them at a young age makes them so much more sound. Your picture by the way is simply beautiful. before you know it you will be growing your own herbs and such... have a good monday

Rue said...

I really love the heating packs you are making! They are so cozy in the winter! I think it's a wonderful idea to put lavender in them! What a thoughtful gift!

I too, would love to hear if you take any classes!

Bridgett said...

Lucky girl! We have nothing like the stores you mentioned around here. I live in the Bible belt, after all. :/

But everything sounds so perfect! Glad you found what you were looking for.


Dessa said...

There is nothing better than finding that perfect little shop where you feel something special in the air the first time you walk in. Enjoy it.

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