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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love of Procrastination

My son, Sebastian (random photo op)

My goodness, it has been busy this week! I haven't even had time to cruise blogs, let alone write in my own. I am actually procrastinating a bit this morning and instead of using this time to finish up my presents, I choose to blog.

As I may have wrote previously, I am making all of my gifts this year, just I had last year. It is a tradition I think I will continue, well into the time when we gain appropriate financial wealth. I enjoy making things and seeing the reaction of the recipient when they receive something homemade and useful just makes me feel wondrous. Usually it is something that I could buy for a significant amount more than what I paid for the materials. I like being creative by using favorite colors and maybe something more. This year I have delved into my sewing capabilities and also my embroidering follies.

I have made six aromatherapy rice packs and still have two to go. I have also made a stuffed bunny for Sebastian (which includes a homemade rattle on the inside and scented rice in the ears) and last night I made Estella a reversible apron. I still have some finishing touches to make on both, but they are only minutes from being finished. As they are my first attempts, I find them a little disappointing. The bunny has very strange proportions and the apron looks nice but I am having some trouble making the strings! I will post some pictures once I get around to finishing my projects (hopefully today).

My coven's Yule celebration was canceled today because of the snowstorm we are receiving. I was disappointed but a little relieved that I will have that extra time to work on the gifts. I enjoy the snow at this time of the year though. Even if it does make it difficult to go about daily errands and Yule celebrations. It lies serenely on the ground and gets kicked up by my little frisky dog and daughter. Estella is very excited about playing in the snow today, but we have much to do before we get out there. Many chores await us on Sundays.

So now that I have efficiently procrastinated many things I must do, I will bid you adieu!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The bunny sounds adorable! And really, don't we ALL have some "very strange proportions," LOL!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

you truly do sound busy... I wish you luck on getting all your chores done... and also a blessed yule... it may be nice to celebrate the winter solstice alone....

Rue said...

Sebastian is gorgeous! Blessed Yule to you! And enjoy the extra time for your projects.

Bridgett said...

Awww...those are presents your kids will cherish forever, oddly proportioned or not. :)

I admire your crafty skills because I completely lack any. LOL

Hope you had a wonderful Yule!