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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It seems that before I began reading witchy blogs, I never saw giveaways! I was a normal woman reading normal blogs, feeling left out of the loop. Ever since I started to read and connect with the witchy side of things I have entered so many giveaways! I cannot believe all of those generous people out there who are kind enough to give something to another person, just for reading their blog! Personally, I would love to be one of those people who give something away but I lack two things: 1) Money enough to pay for shipping 2) Quantity of readers to merit a giveaway. I feel that if I keep cracking at it, I will someday acheive this.

I also would like to win something that I have entered for. This post is to hopefully win the giveaway on the 2 Witches Blog. It is a Witches' calendar and daily planner. It sounds perfect for me! As do many of the things that I have entered to win lately! As we are so poor, I was just wondering last night how we would buy a calendar for the new year, and how nice it would be to have a Witchy calendar (as I am so new to this world). It would help me tremendously with getting the hang of new holidays and help me keep an eye on the best days to work magick. So please check out this site, if for whatever reason you may not know about it yet (you live under a rock, right?). I am sure you would like this for yourself as well!


Anonymous said...

Amanda...the followers will find you...don't worry about that!
My blogs were just written for myself...yet people manage to stumble on them all...why they come back again is another matter...you'd think they'd run to the hills wouldn't you!
I wanted to thank you for your very kind words on my post...they meant a lot to me...really!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

will post your button right at the top of my blog... and even feature you pointing people your way.....

Laura said...

Hi Amanda,
Welcome to blogland. :) I highly recommend the Seasons of the Witch Day Planners. I've been using them for about six years now and love love love them!