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Monday, November 30, 2009

Mothering Magick?

I really do enjoy the holidays, but I need to take frequent time-outs from the company. I have always been a very sensitive person and have taken these holiday time-outs for my entire life. I would just go to my room and breathe without family chaos. This weekend was beyond stressful but I was able to make some magick happen!

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law were visiting us from Amsterdam, where they have lived for about two years and will move back to the states in another 2 years. They have seen Bear twice when she was a baby, but that is it. She has no memory of them at all and she is 2. So she was very shy around them and they were upset, thinking that she doesn't like them. Then they were going as far as criticizing my parenting efforts with her, saying I baby her too much and I need to leave her with strangers more often because she is too shy. As you can probably tell, they do not yet know the joy of having children. They seriously had no idea what they were talking about, they do not know Bear at all. She is 2 and this is just what she does with everyone.

The more that they forced themselves on her, the more scared she was of them. It got to the point that she would say something to them like "No!" and they would mimic her in a whining voice and that would further upset her.  I have no idea why they thought that making fun of her would make her like them and how that is even polite at all. To say the least, I was not pleased with the way that they were treating my family. I was so stressed out that I was having bowel issues and insane headaches. Bear had 3 accidents in a row, which she had not done in weeks, maybe months.

I sat down with Bear and hugged her. I imagined all of my love for her surrounding her, soaking her with a soft pink light. I focused all of my loving energy on her and asked the Goddess to please watch over her and give her strength to deal with her Aunt and Uncle. After our three minute hug I pulled back and noticed that she had fallen asleep.  We laid her on the couch, all the while our company making fun of her saying that we should lay her on the floor so she doesn't ruin our couch with another accident.

When she woke up she was back to being our good little Bear. She was nice to them (although a little shy still) and she didn't tell them "no" anymore. She was happy and energized and even kissed them goodnight. Yes, I can see that she may have been grumpy because she needed a nap but I am still choosing to attribute her change in heart to the Goddess and my mothering powers as a new witch.


After writing that I felt angry all over again at these people. They were guests in our home and they had the audacity to make fun of my little girl? What the heck? What would you have done in this circumstance?


onepinkfish said...

I would have flat out told them that they were being rude and asked them politely not to treat me or my child so ugly. If that didn't work, I would have resorted to how I work with children. I would have said something along the lines of... I can see that you are disregarding my feelings, so you have two choices. Choice one: quit being rude to both myself and my child. Choice two: leave my house and go find a nice hotel to stay in. If they chose choice two, I would have then offered to find a hotel for them and make the reservation while they packed.

Even family does not have the right to treat each other ugly on purpose.

Zedral Z said...

I'm with onepinkfish. Either stop being rude to my child, or get the hell out of my house. I probably would've thrown a few choice words at them too, but I tend to curse like a sailor. ;)

Bella Foxglove said...

I have to throw in with OPF and Z, I would have told them to back off my child, and if they persisted, then I would have told them they can either stop or get the hell out.

Rayden Darklighter said...

I'm with everyone else on this too, you DO NOT act like that to my girls and get away with it. Be nice to my kid or get the hell out of my house.