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Friday, December 4, 2009

Hawaiian Dreamin'--Help Interpret!

I normally do not post everyday but it seems so much has been happening. So don't get too cushy thinking I will keep this stamina up...LOL!

I had this crazy dream last night that had everything I was thinking mixed together and a touch of the divine, I believe. See what you think.

I had fallen asleep thinking about how a co-worker of mine could really make it as a model and should try out for America's Next Top Model (a show I have been known to watch). This dream started out as me being in some strange form of that show only it seemed more militaristic than modelesque. Tyra was nice to me, more like a friend than she seems like on the show. Anyway there was someone who was late for the shower (we took these on camera...don't ask) and was talking on their cell phone the whole time she was in the shower. Tyra was mad at her.  Moments later another person showed up late, a boy who I went to high school with, whom I never socialized with or was attracted to. He started talking about how he could care less about this show because he had another show lined up and started bullying Tyra Banks! I pushed her aside and started yelling at him not to talk to Tyra that way, I mean c'mon Tyra Banks! Show some respect dude! We then proceeded to put up our dukes and we were going to brawl right there in the shower. But just then we were outside in the bright sunlight standing in the sand, where I can only guess was Hawaii. He made a comment about if I really thought I could take him and I said something like, "If I were a foot taller I would kick your butt!" But instead of punching each other we began to grapple and wrestle each other. He was incredibly strong. He was painlessly putting me into wrestling moves, without allowing me an inch to move. I had no chance of winning against him, but we were no longer trying to get each other. It was like he was trying to show me some cool wrestling moves for next time. Me, being the weirdo that I am, was enjoying his overpowering strength and general masculinity. He no longer resembled the boy I went to high school with. At this point we let go of each other and Tyra told me I should go for a swim. So I dove in the warm waters and got sucked out into a big wave that pounded me down to the sand with strength that was incredible. I couldn't get back up for a little too long, I began to panic. The wave eased up and I stood up effortlessly and began to collect sea glass. I picked up a perfect square with rounded edges that was somehow full of water. I remembered that I had left my cell phone in my pocket and pulled it out to get it away from more waves. As I did this I set it on a large black rock and stumbled over the man I had grappled with moments earlier. I almost fell of from the rock, which was now towering like a cliff over the waves below. He caught me just in time and I kissed him, without passion, on the lips as a thank you. We embraced and I felt this incredible love overwhelm me. It was strange though. It wasn't a love I have known before. I was very aware of being married and yet wasn't feeling guilty about this contact as I normally would in a dream. This love did not make me feel like I wanted to seduce this man. It did not feel quite parental either. I know that we hugged for the rest of my dream as the sun was setting in the background of our embrace.

Here is my translation of this dream:

My husband and I had been talking about old high school crushes before bed that night. That takes care of the high schooler I nearly grappled with. Wrestling, because I love to wrestle with anyone. Yes it can be sexual, but I always end up having fun and laughing. It was set in Hawaii because that is where America's Next Top Model was located last season. Swimming because I used to live on the coast in Florida and love to swim in the waves. Pulverizing wave because although I love to swim in the waves, I always fear the one that won't let me up in time. Cell phone because we have these new, really cool cell phones that I am constantly worried about ruining. I can't explain the sea glass or the ending embrace. My guess is that the embrace may have been a visit from the God, or one of his archetypes (which I am not all that familiar with yet).

I feel like this dream was special because I actually remembered it and I knew I had to write it down in my journal.  What do you think about this dream? I would love to hear another interpretation of it.


Mother's Moon's Message said...

if i were to hear this dream without any explanation from you as above, I would say that it sounded like you had much on your mind almost to the point of feeling overwhelmed at times. It is not necessarily bad just alot going on at the moment... the wrestling, the waves and such. The embrace from the man, I think could very well represent your husband even though it wasn't him. the fact that it did not make you feel uncomfortable yet was comforting... but then what do I know.... :-) enjoyed hearing the dream anyway... good idea to write it down in your journal... like the pictures you added too..

Bridgett said...

Actually, your interpretation sounds pretty right on to me.

And I think it's a great practice to write down your dreams. I've had some vivid ones lately as well and really need to get in the habit of recording them.

BTW, I like ANTM too. ;)