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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Warm Blessings

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have stumbled upon my blog! It is just wonderful to have so many people out there supporting (or at least reading about) me.

It seems so many nice things have been happening since the full moon. My husband has been getting more and more clients (he is a personal trainer), I got three trash bags full of hand-me-downs for Frog that should last until next year, my button is up and all of you have come to visit me! I feel like a change in the wind of my life has occurred, although not too much change has actually taken place yet, I feel it coming.

We had a wondrously warm day today (70s) and it should be back down in the thirties by the weekend. I feel this day itself is a gift from the divine. Things I had been dreading and putting off are easier and not quite as dreadful as I had first suspected. I do not want to jinx myself or anything, but this season is starting off in a very good place.

Although I feel guilty about not meditating daily as I had set off to do last week, I feel like I have gained the same experience from daily life.  I really liked Zedral Z's comment about making bread as a form of meditation. I am looking forward to this weekend to try that out. I have always loved watching others make bread but I have always felt a little inept to do it myself. I think it is high time to bake my own bread!

Some of you may have noticed a recipe that I posted in my left column, Rosemary Remembrance Cookies. I found this recipe on Witchin' in the Kitchen and knew that I had to try them out. I haven't had the chance yet, but hopefully will this weekend (before or after you bake the bread?).

I am quite excited for this weekend. I get to meet with my prospective coven and work on our 2nd Moon class. It is a 13 moon course and at the end the student is imparted into the Inner Circle. I really am not sure how much I am allowed to tell about so I will stop here. It is just so exciting to meet with real witches and get valuable insights from them. They are becoming close friends of mine and sometimes I am not sure that I can wait until next October to be one of the Inner Circle.

How many of you are apart of a coven? Did you have to go through a similar process? Have any of you baked these cookies before? Any pointers? I am all ears!


Mother's Moon's Message said...

looks like you have lots of new friends in your followers... good for you.. glad to see it... I sure that number will grow even larger, also glad to hear that things are taking a positive turn.... I myself do not belong to a coven,I as a solitary. For now that seems to fit me best, yet I will say that I have enjoyed getting to know so many here in blogland that in a strange sense I feel close in that sense... Enjoy your bread making... I am sure you will become pro at it... It can be very theraputic, as can any cooking can be...

Lyon said...

Good for you for getting your hands dirty and making some bread! That is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I too consider it a spiritual act. And it's yummy. Two birds with one stone, you can't beat that! ;-)

I used to be involved in a coven and yes, that year waiting period is customary and one in which you guys get the opportunity to know each other and make sure you're a good fit together.

It sounds like you have a whole ton of new winds blowing through your life, it's like excitement is just rolling off your words and it's nice to read about some happy things!

Bridgett said...

No coven yet, but I have found some like-minded women in my area (which is unusual...I live in the Bible Belt)...so we're starting off as a study group and hope to perhaps, one day start our own coven.

Wow, that was a major run-on sentence. LOL

Anyway, I'm popping in via Mother Moon's Message and I have to say, I love your blog.

I shall snag your button now. :)


Sobeit said...

Found your wonderful blog through Mother's Moon Message blog - and I am so glad she shared this link with us. I have scrolled back through several of your older posts and several of them I felt like making a comment on them but decided to just mention in particular that I am very glad you have found Penczaks' book Innter Temple of Witchcraft.... I was very late in my Craft studies and exlorations in finding his wonderful books and this one I truly feel is the most basic cornerstone in a Witch's studies. I will certianly be following your postings from now on.


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Bella Foxglove said...

I used to belong to a virtual coven ( online ) but I have never been part of an "In the flesh" coven...there are many of them in my area, that I used to network with...but the longer I spoke to them or read them interacting with each other, they are the pompous sort of pagan that think they are better than everyone else, and do not take to what they see as newcomers very well, so I moved on and realized I would probably always be an eclectic solitary...but I am ok with that...and if something else happens to change that down the road, great! If not, I am content with the way things are now...

I am glad you are having such a positive experience so far! It is always nice to connect with like minded folks!

I snagged your button, and I am loving your blog! Owl is a totem animal of mine, so the second I came over from Mother Moon's and saw the owls everywhere, I knew I would enjoy my time here :)