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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blood Magic- Hot Book Review

I just read a great book! Sometimes these books find me, and this one certainly did! At work there is this book shelf that people drop off books they don't want anymore. I constantly cruise that shelf for good free books, I have found a few good ones. Many romance novels. I saw this book and it immediately was something I knew I needed to have. It is called Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon. At first I thought it had something to do with vampires, as I adore them.  I was wrong.

This book starts out with the main girl, Darcy, who was always the outsider in her hometown. Even her own father didn't like her and would lock her up in closets throughout her childhood. Her father and uncle had started a funeral home business and when they died she took over and brought it from the brink of bankruptcy to a booming business. Anyway, throughout the beginning we see that she is special but regarded as evil by the townsfolk. During her mother's funeral, at the gravesite she sees this very evil looking man with vivid green eyes and an unnaturally feminine appearance. He says that he has come for her and she hears a voice, "Run!" Needless to say the book starts off running.

The other main character, Axel, owns a club called Axel of Evil where dangerous men hang out to score with willing women. From the beginning we can see that not everything is the way it seems in this club. There is much talk about feeling the need to kill and the only way to assuage these primal urges is with the other primal urge, sex.

Basically this book involves two sides, the witches and witch hunters who used to live in harmony together, helping one another. But 30 years ago some demon witches cast a spell that made the witch hunters, who were made to protect earth witches from the demons and demon witches, crave witch blood (this craving is called bloodlust) and sex. It makes the aforementioned partnership nearly impossible, so severing the harmonious relationship and putting all earth witches in danger of being sliced open for their blood.

I am really trying not to ruin the book for you, but wow, it was good. Aside from the supernatural type witches that exist in this book, it is quite accurate with the rituals that are held and information on chakras. It was beyond hot and steamy and had me tunring the pages all night long. I seriously didn't put it down until I finished it. It is the first book in a series (of which there are two books so far) so watch out, it is addictive!

I do not usually do book reviews but this one was perfect for me and you all deserve to know about its hot, romantic, witchy, suspenseful release it gives. Just wonderful.


Anonymous said...

A must read for sure. Thanks for the recommendation, I need some new reads.

Bridgett said...

Sounds awesome. Definitely going to check it out on Amazon.

Thanks for the review!