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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A gift for the barren earth.

Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions! I think that the ritual went very well and may have been my best and most effective yet. The only problem with the ritual actually happened today. Part of my spell is to bury the contents into the earth, something I did not think through very well as it is winter in New England. I just came back from trying to hack through the frozen earth and after about five minutes of hacking I called it good. A hole about and inch down. I dumped the spell materials into the hole and as the soil was just bits of frozen earth mixed with snow, I covered my hole with dirt-tinged snow. My only worry resides with animals finding the contents or when the snow melts, but it is nature's way.  I trust it will be fine.

My ritual brought dreams that made sense. Something about my bathing suit that made no sense in dreamland, makes perfect sense now. I honored the goddess Danu, who happens to be a river goddess. I recall how moody I would get in the winter months and all would subside once I was in my element: water. Maybe I feel so down lately because of this, maybe I need to swim. I haven't been swimming for years now, so this would make sense to me. As a mother there is not much time for me to go swimming on my own and really attune with the element as I used to do. So I took the first step today, I tried on my swimsuits. They do not look good, but I do fit into them (barely).

I began an 8 week running program from Runner's World this past week. It involves taking a walking break from running, which seemed like a waste of time to me. I am not getting up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym and walk for 30 minutes, it just didn't seem right. I am doing well with the running (this from someone who hates running and has very short legs). Now that I have stumbled upon this swimming revelation I will take those 'walk days' and make them 'swim days'. It seems like the perfect substitute, being something that I love and something that is great for your body in many ways.

While I was meditating I saw a hawk. Rather, I became a hawk and flew around the blue sky outside of my inner temple. It was quick but I got the message. I need to continue reading my Animal Guides book and take some time to research the hawk and its significance. Do any of you have totem animals? If so tell me a little about them.


Rue said...

Hopefully your spell materials will decompose naturally. If you are worried about your dog finding the spot, perhaps rebury them deeper when the ground thaws. I'm glad your spell went well though!

The animals that have 'spoken' to me the most are crow/raven and horse. I'm not sure if one of them is my totem or animal guide, or if I'm just to learn from them. I do enjoy researching animal symbolism though. Octopus even came up for me once!

Anonymous said...

I did the wonderful "chakra animal totem" work with the Ted Andrews book. My feet is Lioness, my root is Wolf, my sacral is Beaver, my Power is Spider, my heart is Raven, my throat is turtle, my third eye is hummingbird and my crown is Vulture. I started each new moon for each chakra and it was one of the most magical wonderful things I've ever done. I call upon each animal whenever I need them and they are always there. My life totem is the butterfly.

Bridgett said...

I haven't worked with animal totems much yet, but I truly want to.

Glad your ritual work went well! :)


Tracy said...

I haven't read much about animal guides yet but am looking forward to it! What book are you reading?