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Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Many Questions

Here is a question for the masses: What do you do when you are feeling off? Let me elaborate slightly. This past weekend we were able to go into town and get some shopping done. We hadn't had any "retail therapy" in quite some time. Those stores really tuckered us all out. Then on Sunday I had a meeting with my coven for our 6th moon lesson. It was the most fun lesson yet but I found myself feeling withdrawn, almost held back. I have been very snippy with my family and very aloof at work. It feels like I am locked up inside myself and I am being held captive by some sloth-like energy. Also, I started my period on Saturday as well. I know most off you may chalk it up as that, but it really feels like something different.

I am hoping that one of you will have some insight as to what may be going on with me and some possible solutions? I also emailed some of my witchy elders to see if they felt any different energy from me this weekend, in hopes of a diagnosis.

Thank you all for your valuable insights and open mindedness!

On another stream of consciousness, I have had a chant stuck in my head lately. It is actually the second verse only and I have no clue why I can't keep it out of my head lately. It goes like this:

"Earth, Air, Fire and Sea
You are inside and all around me"

Has anyone heard this one before? My coven and I sang it on Ostara the other week. I just found it odd that I have it in my head now. Maybe it is trying to tell or remind me of something? 

As my head seems to be lost somewhere, in a place that makes it doubt and wonder too much, I shall draw this questioning post to a close. Any answers would be great!

Dry Blessings to those who may be having troubles with flooding! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you might need some time alone? I don't mean 5 minutes in the tub, but maybe a whole day or weekend to just be.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I agree... some time to myself always seems to help me clear my head and make sense of things... although I know that getting such time can be a chore in itself. I myself have always felt that you do not trust enough in yourself and your own abilities and strengths. Maybe you just need some time to be still and listen to what you are trying to say to yourself. Your intuition is much stronger than you give it credit Iris. trust yourself....blessings to you

Anonymous said...

I agreen I think you need some time just for you No coven no kids no shopping no anything just you. Or you could be feeling gilty that you spent $ that you havent spent in a long time. Some times I feel like crap after we by thing even thow I know its ok and we have the $. So I say you go for a walk and do someone long long meditating.
Love you girly hope you get out of your funk

Mother's Moon's Message said...

hope all is well with you and yours... enjoy your weekend... blessings