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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Power of Giving

I read a book that touched me in a business sense and spiritually as well. Please read
The Go-Giver.

This book is, written in a story format, about the value of doing good and giving to others. It points out that even in business we are all people and we need to speak to each other merely person to person. We should always listen more than we speak. We should center conversations around the other person. This book has helped many people in personal relationships as well as business.

I like the give and you shall receive theory they have. When you are focused on getting, you rarely focus on giving. It tells us to give without worry of receiving in return, that these things may follow giving but not how you might expect it. When trying to "sell" one should not try to pump the "prospect" full of info about their product or whatnot, but listen to the needs of the person, and truly try to help them. Try to help them without thought of your work. Even if it is something as simple as suggesting a nice preschool or sending an article that might interest them. They might not be interested in what you are "selling" but if you make a great influence on them, their friends will hear about you.

I put "selling" in quotes because it is not merely about business. We are all "selling" something. My husband is trying the"sell" me on having another child. My daughter is trying to "sell" me the idea of more cookies, all day, every day. We all want people to work with us, for fortunate things to happen to us. Once the focus is taken off of yourself and put into others, great things are able to happen.

This completely sounds like the "Rede" does it not? Threefold laws and such. Pretty much every world religion has a "what comes around goes around" saying. I love thinking that this is true. I hate focusing on myself anyway. How much better would it feel to do great things for other people all of the time? When ever I do even little things for others, it makes me feel happy. I am pumped to help others and influence many. How about you?

In all truth I did not even read The Go Giver. I read the second book Go Givers Sell More, which merely explains the story in the first book. Christopher read the first one so I feel like I have it covered. But please read one or both books, they may help you in any arena of your life. It only took me an afternoon to read the book, it is short and sweet.

Speaking of random kindness, this book made me want to reconnect with old friends and mere acquaintances. So I did so via Facebook. I messaged three people I was genuinely interested in knowing more about. One has responded so far and he is flattered that I have taken time to get to know him better.  I enjoy this on a few levels: 1) I love getting mail 2) Because I love mail, I know others do too and that feels good 3) It is so nice to be social as a mother, even if it is to some classmate I barely knew.

Anyone else have any random acts of kindness to share? Any nice new contacts made recently? Any tips for me, I sure would love them. I appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement concerning my prior entries, it means a lot to me to hear from people.


Anonymous said...

I e-maild an old friend from Maine. I have so hapy for you and your new bissnes it looks so cool!
Your Such a good Mom, wife and friend keep up the great work!

Bob Burg said...

Dear Iris,

Thank you so much for your very kind posting regarding John David Mann's and my books. Your kind and giving spirit shines through. Keep touching lives, my friend!!

Best regards,