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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Dream

I had this crazy dream...

I was riding in this big white van and Stag was driving. It was in a small Maine town (where his family lives) but it was a little different. The roads were snowy and dark. He kept falling asleep at the wheel. I kept waking him up warning him we were going to crash. When we eventually did crash, going around this corner I always fret about, it was like we just drifted to a slow stop into a snow bank. Not a real crash, no damage. We got out of the van and our dog Penny ran away. I could hear her playing with another dog so I called her to get her back to us. She came and ran behind Stag, hiding. The dogs were right behind me, as I turned I noticed there were three of them. As I looked closer in the dim night I was frightened to see that they were wolves! I knew that wolves could be dangerous and one started to growl at me. There was an older couple standing beside Stag, trying to help us. They all kept telling me to walk the few paces to them, where it was safe but I knew that the wolves would chase me. I was scared. My husband held out his hand and said it would be alright if I just took his hand. I knew it would be. I took his hand and we were safe.

We were then suddenly in my childhood home in Maine (not the same town as before) but the streets outside were the ones we live off from now. It was sunset and we heard this loud noise. At first I thought that it was a loud car stereo driving by, but then I knew it wasn't. It was this sound I would call the epiphany sound, you know in the movies when someone has an epiphany and it sounds like "AWWWW". It was this sound that made us both so happy. It was coming from the sky, like a miracle. We laid down on the couch together and cuddled as we looked up at the now dark night sky. It was filled with more stars than I have ever seen in my life. It was like sitting in space looking at the Milky Way. This noise was still going on, like an orchestra from the heavens. It made us cry with joy to hear it.

Now this is all up for interpretations but let me tell you what I think. I have been reading a lot lately about magickal omens and such. I have been meditating trying to find a spirit guide. My husband and I read aloud at night, but he always falls asleep. I think that I borrowed him falling asleep from that. The fact that we did crash, like I had told him we would, was taken from him losing jobs as of late, after I had told him to quit before he was fired. We didn't have a horrific crash because it symbolizes that even though we failed we were still fine. It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Penny was in the dream because I have been feeling very close to my animals lately, ever since I started this spiritual journey. She loves to play with other dogs so she played with the wolves.

I think I saw wolves instead of dogs because I had read earlier in the week that wolves we seen as spirit guides or something, they were special in a magickal sense. I think that I was frightened of them because I was not thinking magickally, I was thinking realistically. That is why one of them growled at me, because I expected it to. The others were peaceful, like I had read about. I think that means my mind is slowly being won over by magickal thinking and I am getting closer to being able to meet my spirit guide.

Even though my husband was only a few steps away I knew it was safe over there, why? Why did the few paces matter that much? Was it symbolizing that now that I have him it is safe to travel in my spiritual journey, that I am ready to accept things because I know the safety of his love? And what of the couple? Who do they represent? The Goddess and God? I don't think so. Maybe they were just part of the reality of it, people would have seen the crash and heard the wolves outside their house, but why would they dare to come out and help me?

After I took Stag's hand we were transported into the miraculous joy of the epiphany noise. What does that represent? With love I can and will make magick happen? Maybe it foretells of our good fortune we will experience after braving the crash and the wolves (financial disaster and the trouble finding spirituality). Meaning that we will soon come out on top, and it won't just happen to us, we have to trust one another and work hard to make it happen. "In perfect love and perfect trust" seems to be a theme here too.

How would you interpret this dream? I would love to have a second opinion. I know this dream was weird but I also know it means something. It is not very often that I have dreams that scream with symbolism. Another thing I just noticed, there were 3 wolves. Not one but the magickal number of three which proves my theory of the wolves representing all things magickal.

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