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Friday, October 23, 2009

She's Listening

I really enjoyed the "potions" meeting on Sunday (last week). I was able to meet a few women who have been witches for a while longer than me. I was, of course, the youngest at 25 years old and the oldest was 52 years old. I have no problem with age differences because life is about learning and people learn different things at different ages. There was one woman who just had to know the ages (this was the 52 year old). She said that she had to know my age, "Come on, what are you, 11?" Seriously? Can you be anymore insensitive? 25 is not that young to me, but it is a great age as an adult as well. The woman who runs the group is only 34, are you going to say that to her?

We talked about so much! Life and the way that it is connected to the divine. How our paths all led us to the Goddess and this meeting. There were so many synchronicities within our group. Three people had three cats. I am one shy, I guess I will work on that at some point. I really liked the 5 women I met, even the older one. I felt a different connection with each of them. I think it was also nice to be able to talk to more experienced witches and be with like minds.

At the end of the meeting the leader gave us each a nice crystal for attending. I was psyched, being that this was my first crystal! She had also given me a deck of tarot cards she no longer uses! The exact deck that I wanted. Interesting isn't it? I made a nice pouch for them last night. Bright green and dark green on the inside with purple ribbon ties.

I had decided to made the pouch after having finally giving an accurate reading to my husband! I started out the reading by shuffling the cards and charging them with my power and asking the Goddess to bless them with divine sight and true readings. The cards were perfect! It was eerie, but awesome. It completely reinstalled my belief in this art. Ask and you shall receive I guess.

I haven't meditated for a while, I am feeling guilty and neglectful. I returned the book that was guiding me through these meditations, it was getting far beyond my ability and the due date loomed. I am picking up the classic, To Ride A Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf this weekend. This will hopefully give me guidance again and get me "into the mood" so to type. I need to keep learning and practicing, it is where I find happiness and meaning.

I have been invited to the coven's annual Samhain ritual on Friday the 30th. I am excited but nervous about what to expect. I have only done one ritual and it was just me. I was reading over what is to be involved and it says that we need cloaks with hoods. I definitely fall short on that one. I wonder if the other new women will be there and will were such ritual attire? They are more expereinced than me so they probably have some closet full of cloaks.

I will love to make a cloak (once I know what they should look like) and live more like a witch. It seems like such a fun spiritual path. It does require work but the rewards are wonderful. It teaches you how to use the powers of your mind and nature. How to work with the divine to reach your goals and get what you want. To find guidance.

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