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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meditation and Cats

I mentioned my little inner witch in my last entry. I see her as the part of my mind that hasn't quite developed yet. In essence a part of me that is still very young and childish. Like in meditation, she is the one in control, or the one I am trying to have some sort of discipline with. As my mind wanders a million bazillion times as I try to concentrate on my breathing, I am thinking, "Little inner witch, will you please just sit down and wait. You will have time to run and play later when I blog." I do not think that she hears me yet.  Have any of you dealt with this type of mind-dwelling delinquent?

As I was meditating today my cat, Norma, just needed to sit right in my lap. There is a little story here. When we got Norma we went to a friend of a friend that had just had a litter of kittens in some trailer park. There were three female kittens left. I was wearing my bulky winter coat that was a little loud around the young kittens. They were all afraid of me. When I bent over to pick Norma up she nuzzled right into my coat. She was mine right from the beginning.
{On a side note: My husband also had to pick out a kitten. We were getting two, thinking they would keep each other company and wouldn't meow in our apartment where we weren't allowed to have cats. That cat is Greta. It is his cat. I mean it! Greta really has never bonded with me like Norma has.}
Ever since I started delving within my own mind and power, Norma has been so close to me. It is like this whole journey into witchcraft has strengthened my bond with her. I feel as if she were protecting me as I was meditating. I have always felt so close to my cats as I was growing up. One time a garter snake bit me when I was about 4 because I picked it up by its tail (not too bright).  Our cat, Suki, who had been fine with the snake for the 2 prior hours we had been playing with it in the yard, jumped and killed it in an instant after it bit me. I remember her tearing it apart right in front of me. She was always there to protect me. That is how I feel about Norma. Cats are very special to me in this way. They are older and wiser it seems (except when they are clumsy kittens). How do you feel about cats?

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Bella Foxglove said...

I can very much relate to this post..as I have always had cats and feel a very strong bond with them. My current kitty is Raiden, he was from a stray litter here next to the house, we got him when he was barely weaned, and he is totally my familiar. Whenever I meditate or get my tarot cards out, or do a ritual, he is right in the middle of everything.

He and I share a special bond. He tolerates everyone else in the house but he is MY kitty lol..