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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Like a Pheonix Rising!

First off, I want to thank you all for giving such great advice and warm wishes. I love the support of this online community! I am feeling much more balanced at this time. Sometimes my woes get the best of me and sometimes my good mood conquers all.

I have started reading Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. My mentor reccomended it for me, to be prepared for our next meeting. This book gives insight into animal totems and using animal magick and how to connect with your animal guides. I am only part way through so I cannot give an apt description yet. At first I was not feeling like I wanted to read it but once I started it, things began to make sense. It began to draw me in with talk of finding your main animal totem. Animal totems come to you when you need to use one or more of their powers or characteristics. He says that you may have one or two totems that stick with you for life and some that come to you when you need them. What knowledge could you share on this topic?

I visited with my mentor today. I went over there at 10am to cover some things I had felt a little behind with. I didn't leave until 1pm (Patriots play then). We covered so much! The first thing that we did was use a guided meditation by Christopher Penczak to find our "Inner Temples". I loved the guided meditation! It was so much easier than thinking up my own journey.  It was a 30 minute meditation and I felt like I really accomplished something! She made some copies of his CDs with the meditations on them for me to take home the next time we meet. I would definitely recommend these to anyone, especially anyone just starting out with meditation. They are called The Inner Temple of Witchcraft and I would also recommend getting the book to go with it if you are really serious. I loved the book and it will be my first purchase when I get the funds.

At the end of our meeting she gave me a bunch of stuff! She gifted me a Llewellyn 2010 Witches Almanac, a collection of stick incense, a pentagram incense holder and a beautiful blue porcelain chalice with a pentacle on it. She is so generous to me, it makes me feel so loved already. I feel this bond with her, like she is an older sister, teaching me the ways. I am just so grateful to have such a giving, selfless, caring mentor.

I have much to read and much to discover about myself. I know that I have to power to turn my family's struggles around, I know it. I just need to find out how I am going to do it. Again, thank you all for your guidance, it is so appreciated!

{PS: Anyone have any leads on finding a great, new, free blogger template? Let me know!}


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Mother's Moon's Message said...

glad to hear you have such a good friend....

Rue said...

Sounds like good things are happening! I'm happy that she's so open and generous to you!

I love C.P. and recommend all his books - the Inner Temple series is wonderful!

Templates - try :

Bridgett said...

How I wish I had a mentor like yours!!! Wow.

Sounds wonderful and I'm so glad you're feeling more positive now.