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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mentors and Meditation

My husband's birthday was yesterday. Since we have no money (this is not news to most of you) I had to get creative with my gift for him. I made a "Hint Hunt" throughout our home. I placed 8 cryptic hints over 1400 square feet of space, each one leading to the next. Each one also came with a reward for finding it, a coupon. These coupons are priceless as they are things like "Sports Day: A day when you can watch all of the sports you want, without nag;" "Morning Glory: The perfect morning complete with sleep in (kiddos taken care of) and breakfast of choice" and "Chore: A pass to get out of any chore for one day". I had fun making them and may regret it when he starts redeeming them.

Now, back to the witchy side of life! What are your thoughts on meditation? Some feel it comes hand in hand with being witchy, some feel like it is not necessary. What are your thoughts? I am meeting with my mentor from my coven to work on some things I am lacking in. We will cover some energy topics, like auras and sending light. We will also work on meditations. She is like a mediation guru (in my opinion) so I am glad that she volunteered to help me catch up with our experienced group. I will be meeting with her on Sunday for a couple of hours. This time will be wonderful for me and all of my questions. Usually when we meet I feel a little guilty holding up the group with my questions (while some questions are good, lots are a little overboard). Do you or have you had a witchy mentor to help you out? If so tell me about them! I love hearing about other's Pagan roots. How did everyone get started?

I found a cool blog the other day, Pagan Dad, if you haven't heard of it already. He blogs about Paganism for families. I love the information he provides. He feels so passionately about his topic, it is fun to drop in and learn something! I didn't find a button on his blog so I thought I would mention him in a post. So pop on over to his site and cruise around a little!

I hope you all feel my warm blessings for you on such a cold day!


Rue said...

It's wonderful that you have someone who is happy to take some time out for you and answer questions. My Reiki teacher is like that for me, although she is not Pagan. She does have much insight as far as meditation, guides, and energy work though.

I do think meditation helps my Craft. It helps me focus when I am raising energy and it helps to really be able to visualize what I am wanting the spell to do.

Hope your meeting goes great!

Maman Tattoo said...

I started meditation at a young age as it was the only thing that would help me to sleep. I'm a really stressed person. Well I was, I'm not that stressed anymore, thanks to meditation and the craft!

But no, never had a mentor.. Just saw that meditation would help insomnia on the net and started.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

good to hear you have someone to be there for you....never had what would be called a mentor yet have had many who have inspired and helped me along the way... so many times without even knowing it.... trust in yourself also iris... there is more in you than you give yourself credit for....

Bridgett said...

I LOVE your birthday gift to your husband and I bet he loved it too. How sweet.

I have never had a mentor, as Pagans are few and far between where I live, but I do have many who inspire and educate me from afar.

Off to check out Pagan Dad!