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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have a "Green" Period!

Who has heard of a menstrual cup? I hadn't, prior to a few months ago. I have always wanted a way to get away from those manipulating "feminine hygiene" companies. I thought of going sea sponge, which acts like a tampon only you have to wash it out in the sink. This would have been fine if I never left the house, as I couldn't see myself rinsing out my sponge in a public bathroom. Then a witchy friend of mine mentioned the Diva Cup (a menstrual cup produced in the US and sold in markets like Whole Foods), and I knew I had found out more.

As I feverishly researched these menstrual cups, I found about seven or so brands out there. Each seems to have come from a different country. To research them yourself, please go to this site. When I found the cup company I thought would suit me, I chose Lunette.

This is my review on the Lunette Cup

I opened the discreet packaging with my excited hands. The cup came in a yellow silky bag inside of another, larger, plastic bag. It came with detailed instructions. I ordered the larger sized cup because I have had two children and heavy periods. The cup is clear, made of medical-grade silicone.

When my period finally came, I popped this sucker in and tried it out gleefully. It has a flat stem on the end that aides in pulling it out, if needed. I cut mine off because it hung down and was uncomfortable. At first I felt pressure when it was in, making me feel as if I needed to urinate. I also noticed that I was leaking a bit. I read the directions again and decided this was due to misplacement. I just had to change the angle a little bit. Once I perfected the angle (this took some time and patience), no leaks and no more pressure! The best thing about this product is that it can stay in all day, unless your flow is heavy. I usually dump mine about 2-3 times a day. I can sleep without wearing pads! I love this little cup.

When you want to empty it you gently pull it out (by the stem or by the bottom of the cup) while pushing it out with your muscles. Once it gets to the opening of your vagina, just squeeze it a little to slip it out. Empty contents into the toilet and rinse it out. If you are in a public bathroom you can simply wipe it out instead. After every period just stick in boiling water to disinfect it and put it back in its little bag for next time. These cups last 5-10 years! So it is well worth the price ($39 on the Lunette site) as you are saving so much when you don't have to spend money on disposable methods.

I have been using my cup for the last three months, I love it! I used it the other day when I was having a heavy (but normal) discharge. I put it in during the morning and completely forgot it was there until the next day! Ooops! That is where it beats the modern tampon. Not only is it completely comfortable but you can put it in whenever you want, it doesn't hurt to take out as it doesn't leave you feeling dry.

There are two sizes, Model 1 and Model 2.  As you can see, there is a slight size difference. I have the one on the right or Model 2. It holds more and is a little wider than Model 1. They are both made of flexible silicone with grips on the ends. Model 1 is less firm (more squishy) so it is helpful for younger girls with smaller anatomies as well as for women with lower cervixes that may be sensitive. There are 4 tiny holes near the lip of the cup. These holes aide in creating a safe suction in the vagina. Cups without holes may create too much suction in the cup. The cup will leak once the blood reaches these holes and must be emptied at this time. This has only happened to me once.

Some quick FAQs:

Will it dry me out? No, "It does not disrupt the natural lubricating ability of the vagina, does not interfere with its natural process of discharging along with menstrual blood dead cells and bacteria; nor does it dry the vaginal mucus membrane. That is why it is a more sanitary alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary towels."

Can I wear it while swimming? Yes! "The Lunette™ menstrual cup can be worn during sports such as swimming, riding a bike or a horse."

Why is it the "green" alternative to traditional menstrual products? Because it you don't have to throw it out for 5-10 years. It doesn't get flushed or sent to a landfill to sit for years before breaking down to its bare chemicals. Just think about all of the pads and tampons you have thrown out over the years. Getting rid of that is a major help for the environment! 

Can the cup fall out? "The cup is held in position by the seal formed with the walls of the vagina and by pressure from the vaginal muscles."

I have really heavy periods, is the cup going to work for me? "The Lunette menstrual cup can be worn at any time in your menstrual cycle, during your heaviest and your lightest flow. The cup can hold 3 times more liquid than tampons or pads..."

These were just a few questions and answers that I got from the Lunette Site, which is chock-full of information about this product and its use. All quoted material came from this site.

In conclusion to this review, I not only fully recommend this product to all menstruating women out there, but I swear that I will never go back to disposables again! If you all have any questions at all please leave me a comment or you can use my email if you would rather be more discreet.

Embrace the way we were made. We are beautiful and powerful just as nature intended.

{The Lunette site will be changing its look a little within the next few weeks. They will also be rolling out some new cups (each named after Goddesses of course). The Selene will be a blue cup and the Diana will be green. Please note that the coloring used in these cups are FDA approved not to leach into the body, unlike some competitor brands.}


inannasstar said...

I have been using GladRags (washable cotton maxi pads) for years and LOVE them. Yay for Green periods!

Amy said...

Yah I heard about this kind of item a long time ago when I was like 12 they were only sold on tv back then and now these are everywhere. I have wanted to try them But I always worrie but I just mite now. Thanks for the review.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I am so glad that I tried your blog address out again. I thought you had decided against blog for the time. Glad to know you are back. I will add you to my blog roll once again.

Bridgett said...

I've thought about buying these a few times and haven't because of one concern.

Perhaps you can help answer it for me....

Having silicone inside you...especially in a very mucosal are of our bodies...it seems to me like it would leach silicone into our blood streams. Am I wrong?

That's what I worry about.

Otherwise, I think these sound perfect. I just wish they were made of something a little more natural.